Nov 18, 2019

What Data Center Investors Looks Out For When Hiring

What Data Center Investors Looks Out For When Hiring

The typical state of the art data center is progressing much faster and can now support all new sorts of workloads and consumers thanks to cloud technology. There are dozens of new types of requirements being laid all over the source controls, data center optimization, and facilities management. Data center investors are now willing to invest more funds in their environment to fully compete in a developing industry.

Cloud plays a huge role in the advancement of data resources. According to Gartner, is stated that the global expenditures on infrastructure as a service are presumed to climb up to $16.5 billion in 2015 (which it did), a 32.6% rise from 2014, with a combined yearly growth rate between 2014 to 2019 forecast at 29.19%, all of which were completely accurate.

As data center strategies for infrastructure changes, companies are aiming to acquire data center experts to help assist with new efforts. This indicates that staff needs to develop with new demands from the marketplace, which has produced new roles, developed others, and has forced the data center world to devote to new expertise.

About 1/3 of AFCOM’s newest State of the Data Center Survey participants all claimed that their personnel costs in providing training and certification qualifications have increased. Conventional data center infrastructure continues to be tough to fill and it is one of the main challenges that data center investors are facing.

In this very competitive market, and it’s not often quick and easy to hire a data center expert. Participants said that they have had troubles filling up the following top 3 roles:

  • 42% Data center facility technicians, engineers, and operators
  • 19% IT systems and/or applications staffs
  • 19% Network and telecommunications staffs

69% of participants, suggested that they raised their investment in data center IT and facility staffs from the past 3 years.

Furthermore, 71% stated they will have to focus on investing more in data center IT and facilities staff in the next 3 years. What are the stimulating aspects of these increases?

  • 53% attested that there is a surge of demand for on-site coverage.
  • 38% stated that maintenance expenses for current staff have increased.
  • 33% said that an enhanced training program and certification requirements raised expenses.

Each of these equates to several career opportunities and development within the data center workplace. Companies are searching for diversified ability and data center thought leaders who possess authority on business procedures.

Here are leading feedback to the question regarding skill-sets data center and IT operations managers are considering in prospective hires:

  • Network engineering
  • Cisco UCS capabilities
  • Automation and cloud
  • DCIM experience
  • Load balancing and combined communications

Certifications are crucial. Here are the best 5 job skills in which certifications are required for the role of data center operator:

  • Data and/or network security
  • Facilities management
  • Operations and process management
  • Network engineer/training
  • Project management

The demand regarding data center and cloud services will keep on expanding. They must have enough data center knowledge on how basic architecture influences the business, the consumer, and the whole environment. Understanding the workloads and see the best way to associate it with business objectives. Data center investors must be wise enough in hiring and training the ideal staff that will handle these responsibilities.

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