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In today's world of both natural and artificial threats, data security is imperative. Like our namesake impressive stone structure nearby that preserved human history for millennia, the data center is poised to withstand the elements, safeguard your information, and stand strong for years to come.

Fort Rock Data Center sits on a stable foundation of hard rock in the high desert of central Oregon east of the Cascade Mountain Range and outside of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. It is uniquely situated to provide reliable colocation, unshakeable data storage, along with energy-efficient high-density power and cooling.

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Data, cloud and colocation center with managed it services offering diverse power, seismic stability and highly efficient cooling environments. Host your servers and backups in our high capacity fiber connectivity at a fraction of the cost.

Create and maintain your own redundant facilities and network. This gives you the opportunity to run your own hardware in a professionally managed data center, without compromising on control.

Our customizable solutions offer your company the utmost in flexibility and can be tailored to fit all your specific application needs. We offer many unique, flexible options from customizable cooling solutions for high density applications to the development of individualized security features for all your compliance needs.

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