How to Keep Data Center Safe and Avoid Avoid Data Loss During Earthquake

Earthquakes are a calamity that everyone dreads. No one knows when or where the big one will occur, not even seismologists. When a calamity like this hits, most businesses and homes are completely destroyed. And unfortunately, lots of lives will be greatly affected as well. Earthquakes have a great impact on companies, too. Not only is their building affected, so are the servers if hosted there in a data center.

It is expected that it may take an exorbitant amount of funds in rehabilitating not only the city’s infrastructure, but also their electronics, underground cables and operational equipment. For most business owners, these procedures reiterate the demand to build a more established data center facility that holds reliable types of server racks that can protect and secure all data from any natural catastrophe, like earthquakes.

Seismic Server Rack Enclosures

For structures that are located near fault lines, building a seismic server rack enclosure can help withstand heavy vibrations brought about by earthquakes or other catastrophes that may ruin data centers. These types of enclosures are strengthened with extra diagonal formations, and they are also kept from tilting during an intense earthquake. The enclosures are built in both open and closed arrangements to adapt to the changing levels of the required protection. This enclosure can also withstand water, dirt, and any other debris that can possibly influence the server’s performance or devices.

Let’s say for example that your company hosts its own data center. If the servers lie in an area that is susceptible to earthquakes, floods or any other natural calamities that can cause great disaster, you must invest and make use of seismic electronics racks. This will not only protect your data, but also avoid purchasing hardware replacement. The demand for cloud devices increase every year. This is why you should do everything in your power to protect your equipment in case a calamity hits.

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